She is in a nursing home and Medicaid pays a portion of her care and she pays 3k. Should I now file taxes for her, since she's no longer my dependent? and can she claim her part of the nursing home cost as a medical expense on taxes? VA benefits pay 1.6k of 3k cost.

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Really. I was under the impression that u couldn't have VA and Medicaid too.

I think u should ask a good tax preparer.
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This is a question for a tax specialist or accountant. There were some pretty big changes that took affect in 2019. IF her income is high enough that she is required to file a tax return, then her share of cost for the nursing home has to be a certain % of her income in order for it to be a tax deduction. No one here can give you a yes or no answer because it depends entirely on the math involved here.
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I was just informed by my tax man that there is a definite part of the care that is deductible in terms of taxes. Say for instance, just choosing numbers, my bro is paying 5,000 a month and 200 for level 1 care. Once he moved up to needing more care the levels and the cost moves up. One the cost is 1,500 or more a month it can be deducted as medical costs, but until you are talking really a lot of money it makes little difference in the taxes. Do check with accountant or tax person. And ask at the facility if they deliniate on their billings what is medical care costs; they are at my bro's place.
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