I moved into my moms home in 2008. I was and am still unmarried. She had been in a nursing home for two years and was placed on Medicaid when her money ran out. I have never heard from the state regarding whether they dropped the bill sent trying to recover the money the state paid. How do I find out if they’ve dropped the pending charges?

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There’s an exemption for unmarried heir who lived in the house for 1 year prior to death. The answers you did on questionnaire that accompanied the NOI (notice of intent) sent by HMS should have indicated (to them) that there was an exemption to recovery. 

Is property ownership still in moms name and you want to change it? Assessor bills just went out as early payment - I think all counties do early - is due by end of Nov. 
Is it that you got the tax bill and that’s why your ? today?
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Have you examined the deed to the house? Are there any liens recorded against it? These are public records so you should be able to go to the courthouse and look them up. Other posters like Igloo should be able to help you much more than I can, but I'd start at the courthouse.
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