My mom almost daily thinks that she is in someone else's home, when she is in her own home. Any suggestions?


Is there any medication to help slow down her anxiety, and her mind when she gets in these moods, she just starts walking, supposedly home, but we are worried we won't see her and who knows how far she will go. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



You can get easy-to-install battery-powered door alarms that beep loudly when the door is opened. I would put those in today, if I were you.

Has your mother moved house at all, ever? I know we'd been living in our shared house for over four years when my mother began asking how long we were staying, and when we were going home. It seems that the most deeply ingrained mental diagrams are the ones from the longest-inhabited houses, and they can often be from childhood or early marriage.
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This is a common situation, and there are several posts on the subject. A recent one is here: Perhaps some of the responses there will be useful to you.

Yes, a doctor can prescribe something to help with anxiety. The doctor should be very familiar with treating persons with dementia.

When persons with dementia start leaving the house and wandering, they need constant supervision. They should not live alone, and there needs to be someone on hand who can keep track of the person's whereabouts. If the person goes to a care center it would need to be a memory care center, which is secure.
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We brought my mil to live with us, in her childhood home, and she asks to "go home". I still have been unable to figure this out? Her trailer (a double wide pos) is next door but she was unable to live on her own. I like the idea of the black rugs. There's no way I was going to paint the door and windows.
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Muchy, I have read on the forum that this is not unusual for someone to feel they are in someone else's home. Sounds like Mom has a form of dementia. When a person says they are going home, it is usually their childhood home back when life was so much simpler as a child.

Whatever you do, you need to make sure that Mom isn't alone, as she could become easily lost and then be difficult to find.

Does Mom do this mainly at night? If yes, I have heard if you place a black throw rug in front of the inside of the front door, and the same with other exit doors, then the person would think it was a hole, thus not step on it. Then at day light, pick up the rugs and put them away.

After dinner my Dad would get into his time machine and transport himself back to the 1940's. That was many houses ago.
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