We need to be able to let her doctors know what we are dealing with. She will not let anyone speak to her Drs. What options do we have?

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How can your sister remove YOU from your mother's HIPPA?

It sounds like you, sis and Mom should sit down and have a talk. Since you are Moms' primary caregiver, you should, at least, be able to discuss her physical and mental problems with the medical staff. What if she had to go to ER and couldn't talk or is unconscious. Does your mother have a POA (power of attorney) written up for when she can't speak for herself? You would be the likely choice.

It sounds like you sister is trying to control the show. If that's the case, maybe SHE might like to be the primary c/g.
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This is good to know since I just discovered my sister removed me from all of her doctors' HIPPA and even HIPPA on last ER visit. Can I do anything legally, as I am her primary caregiver?
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You can tell doctors ALL you want them to know. The doctor can't communicate with YOU.

type up a short version of your concerns about your loved one's mental and physical health. Send it to the doctor "return receipt requested" so that someone needs to acknowledge reciept of the information.

Making the doctor aware of your concerns is a good first step to take.
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