The other day she went 5 times in one hour. Is this normal for a person with dementia and no UTI?

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There are many reasons why a woman feels the need to urinate frequently. I would consult a urologist and rule out any diseases, then maybe there is a medication or even a placebo that can help control this.

Bladder spasms can be so annoying and make you feel the need every 2 minutes.

Let us know what the doc says.
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No UTI or diabetes. She does not drink that much water. Only when she takes her pills or we go to a restaurant. Will have Dr. test her kidney. Thank you for all the responses.
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Has she actually been tested for a UTI? Other than constantly feeling the need to urinate, there really are no symptoms until it’s so bad it might require hospitalization. The only way to be certain she doesn’t have one is to have a urine culture done.

OTOH, one of my mother’s roommates would get out of bed and go into the bathroom every few minutes. She didn’t have a UTI, it was just a symptom of her dementia.
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This could be diabetes. Have her blood sugar checked.

how much is she drinking? Is she dehydrated? This could be kidney failing...have a kidney function test run.
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