My loved one receives Social Security of $18,000 a year. Does not own a car or house. He lives in CA. Is that income ok for Medicaid? -

My loved one receives Social Security of $18,000 a year. Does not own a car or house. He lives in CA. Is that income ok for Medicaid?



All states have assets at 2k maximum & most states have monthly income at around $2,050-$2100 max for an individual LTC NH Medicaid.

BUT it’s very important to realize that there’s all sorts of Medicaid programs and each one will have specific criteria that look at being BOTH medically AND financially “at need” to eligible for the specific Medicaid program. Often $ is what folks get all concerned about but they MUST meet whatever “at need” medically as well. For NH that means at need for skilled nursing care. 

If your hoping that dad can go into a NH & onto Medicaid, based on what folks from CA have posted last few months on this site, CA is requiring LTC NH applicants to enter a NH as a post hospitalization stay. Hospitalization is covered by Medicare. So they come in with Medicare rehab benefit paying first 20/21 days at 100%. No more transitioning from their home, or IL or AL to a NH directly.

From a budget & planning perspective this makes solid sense as they will have the fat medical chart that shows them to be medically “at need” & with ICD codes to boot. So no more perhaps subjective family medical doctors orders for nursing care needed. No more state having to send out an assessment team to a NH to see if the new resident truly needs skilled nursing care, which has costs to do. Plus they almost always will be on MediCARE as Medicare covers hospitalizations. Almost always first 20/21 days in a facility for rehab is being paid through MediCARE rehab benefit. And rehab benefit could even perhaps extended for up to 100 days if “progressing” under MediCARE rehab criteria. So less costs initially to Medicaid for every NH admission. For the NH, this is better too as Medicare pays lots more daily reimbursement than Medicaid. 

What is your dads health situation? If he’s still pretty good on his ADLs and perhaps is more needing medication management, he probably won’t be “at need” for skilled nursing care. If so, CA does have IHHS programs for in home caregivers, have you looked into that? Or perhaps a PACE type of community program? 
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States vary, Contact your agency on aging or Medicaid directly. I would think that small amount of income would qualify, but I don't live in CA. Good Luck!
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