My LO (age 89) with memory loss hasn't left the house for over a year. Says, "I've seen everything." He has visiting nurse service, but they don't give shots. He walks with difficulty, using a cane.

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Why be vaccinated? At this age with the health issues listed in your profile, I don’t believe I’d bother with vaccinations
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If you or a visiting nurse bring the virus into the home, dh will get it whether he's "vaccinated" or not. Otherwise, he's already a hermit. "Vaccinations" are the last thing to worry about!
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Covid seems to be getting progressively less intense with each variant, and even if your dad gets it, I'd bet he'd be more likely to die from something else.

I wouldn't worry about a vaccine now.
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Vaccinated for what? The man doesn't leave his house, so what should he be vaccinated from?
Let the poor man just enjoy whatever time he may have left and quit worrying about getting him vaccinated.
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At home, basically no outside contact, why does he need a vaccination, especially at age 89?

If he were in a home, yes, otherwise I would leave the man alone.
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I would not worry about getting him vaccinated.
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My Mom is 94. She got a seasonal flu vaccine this fall, but not a covid vax. We all got covid in December (we took the test), hers was the mildest of all of us (we were not vaxxed, either). She was sick for about a week (at home) and then recovered completely.

If your LO doesn't go anywhere, I wouldn't worry about vaccines.

Does he take meds for depression? He sounds depressed... I'd be focused on that more than vaccinations.
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No more vax for the poor guy. Leave him be.
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Why does he need any vaccine. I’m 69 and have never had a vaccination since I was a kid and never had the flu/covid. You couldn’t pay me to take those shots.
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Call the local pharmacy. Many can give vaccinations. If you make an appointment, a pharmacist can come into the parking lot to give a vaccination to your loved one in your car.
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