She keeps having to go back and in a coma. What can he do if she's been diagnosed with acute brain

She has something of a twisted bowel and when they operated one small place would not and still wont heal up. They sent her home and she would not allow the people that were assigned to take care of her to do it. She got infected and leaves stomach bile soaked bandages cloths with poo laying everywhere and thinks her 70 yr old husband should have to clean it up. Now she gets better at the hospital and leaves against medical advice just to torture him and the granddaughter I think. What can he do to get her ruled incompetent?

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You may have to file for guardianship. But even that will not give you the authority to force her to do what she does not want. It only gives you the authority to make decisions not to force care on a person.
Check with the doctors for a solution.
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Does he have Medical POA? If so he has a diagnosis, so if not already in effect his POA is now. If he doesn't have POA, he may need to ask a lawyer what he can do as her spouse.

The next time she is in the hospital he needs to refuse to take her home. Stating he cannot care for her and she will not allow homecare to help. For now, he could call Adult Protection Services. With her diagnosis, she may not be able to make informed decisions concerning her care. APS maybe able to force the issue needs needs to be in a hospital and then rehab. This woman is going to die.
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