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I will most likely have surgery (trying to hold off until the first of the year). I live alone, so I will need unskilled help when I come home. Maybe for two weeks, or so. I am also on Medicare. I hate to pay full price when my insurance covers what I need. Any suggestions?

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If the service is covered there should be a way that it can be provided. In most cases they would have you private pay and then reimburse you. Call your insurance provider and talk to a real human and ask what the procedure would be. Find out if you will have to get a note from your doctor indicating you will need help.
If they indicate that it is not available in our area ask if you will be sent to rehab for the duration of your recovery. Stress that 3 or 4 weeks in rehab will cost much more than in home help for the same length of time.
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Call your provider. Lists sometimes need to be updated. Tell them it looks like there is no one in ur state. Maybe they can help find one that you can pay privately and they reimburse u. They are allowed by ur State to write policies so they should have someone.
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