Could you say that you have agreed with his wife to look after him until she gets back? That she knows how much you like him, and trusts you to care for him properly? That might drop down the anger level, if he thinks he should be grateful. You could perhaps work out how to embellish the story.

And for God's sake, he should be grateful to you for caring for him in such awful circumstances. God bless you!
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My mother who has Alzheimer’s kept thinking my father wasn’t her husband because she had gone back to living in a time when she was a young girl and didn’t have a husband, only a mother and father. She kept calling my dad - her dad and I was sometimes her mother.
At first I tried to correct her but then as time went on I just went with whoever she thought I was and that made her happier. Alzheimer’s patients are living in different time warps. Their long term memory is fine, so that’s where they reside, not in the present. Hope that helps.
You could always say you’re the live in housekeeper to keep him happy.
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