My husband who has vascular dementia along with severe CHF, has started hallucinating at night and keeping me awake so I don't get to sleep. Anyone else experience this?


He has vascular dementia and has declined severely in the last few weeks. Now he is talking about his hallucinations while in bed with me at night. He asks me questions about what he is seeing and hearing, and if I don't respond, he calls my name louder until I do. He asks me to do things like turn off a light, or a TV, neither of which is on in the room. This went on last night for 2 hours from 1:30 to 3:30 in the middle of the night! Before 1:30, he was talking intermittenly, so that I got about 30-45 minutes of sleep before the next question or comment. I have tried to ask him to not talk anymore and save his questions for morning, but it does no good. Anyone else experience this? I have to get some sleep! This has happened about 3-4 times.

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You have got to get some sleep, yes.

If it's a change in his condition - I don't know, some new part of his brain that isn't getting enough blood flow to it? - then it's possible his doctor will have some treatment options up his sleeve.

But anyway you do still need to sleep. Can you call on family, neighbours, community or paid services to come in and sit with him while you sleep in the spare room or at a neighbour's house?

I certainly wouldn't waste any breath asking him to wait 'til morning!
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How awful -- I am so sorry this is happening. Bumping this up and hopefully others will have some suggestions.

Have you spoken to his doctor? Also, maybe this isn't practical but perhaps sleeping in a different room for awhile would be best if at all possible. You definitely do have to sleep! Best wishes to you.
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