He is in a wheelchair, cannot talk, slurred speech for years after having DBS in 2012.

He is almost bent in half when standing.

Hallucinates but Nuplazid helps.

Dementia also.

Appetite very good.

Doses off several times a day.

Retaining too much urine in bladder.

Falls immediately upon standing.

Very. very thin.

I feel he is in Stage 5. Does anyone agree?

I’m so very sorry. You absolutely have the worst case scenario. My mom was diagnosed later in life which is a totally different ball game. It’s so much harder with an earlier diagnosis because as you know the disease progresses more rapidly.

Have you discussed surgery options with his neurologist? How is he responding to the meds?
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This is something his Dr. should be able to tell u.
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Cathy, can you please explain what DBS is? Has he been tested and diagnosed by his physician to confirm that he does have dementia? 53 is pretty young... Also, how will knowing what stage he is in help you or your LO? Just asking because maybe more info from you will be necessary. I'm so sorry your family has all these health challenges...I hope you get answers that will help you!
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shad250 Mar 16, 2020
Deep Brain Stimulation.

In short, a pacemaker to try to get some portions of the brain to activate thereby improving muscle movement

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