My husband walked out on me 2 yrs ago. Is there anything I can do to stop his "friend" from having POA? -

My husband walked out on me 2 yrs ago. Is there anything I can do to stop his "friend" from having POA?


While I was at work...he has Parkinson's dementia .....a so called friend of his helped him. I knew nothing about this...and had no idea where he had gone to. I went to the police and reported him as a missing person because I had no idea what had happened to him and was concerned for his welfare. The police found him but he told them he didn't want me or anybody else to know where he was. I believe this friend has now taken POA and he has closed our bank accounts and taken the money. I now know that my husband was admitted to a mental hospital and is now in a nursing home. Is there anything I can do to stop this person from having POA?



Thank you everyone for your advice...I Could not find out where my husband was living because his friend changed my husbands mobile number, facebook account and isolated him from his family and friends....and I never saw any of this coming, I trusted my husband 100%...( silly me I now know).... i was only able to find out where he is when he went into a nursing home...he does have pakinson dementia and has become Paranoid ...I guess I will need to speak to a lawyer...thank you again
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Hindsight I know but you should have separated finances when he walked out. You may want to put in the paper that as of this date you are no longer responsible for his debts. A lawyer can help you protect what you have.
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Riitta, since you and your husband are still married, and if you want to be the logistical caregiver, you probably would need to get "guardianship" [as Vegaslady mentioned above] to get control over your husband's care.

I am just so surprised that you are now questioning on what to do.... or were you hoping that your husband would return home? Just curious why it sounds like your husband wants to keep in hiding, unless he had dementia and was feeling paranoid.

Get an "Elder Law Attorney" as they specialize in that field.

Also, here is an article I found here on Aging Care regarding guardianship:
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Seriously? Was he missing for two years and you just found him, or you knew where he was some time ago? Two years and you didn't do anything to protect your finances? Get a lawyer and discuss guardianship or divorce or whatever other action you might think is appropriate. A lesson for everyone who is financially entangled with a possibly mentally incapacitated person, pay attention to your exposure for disaster and protect yourself and your assets.
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Just note, POA is not something you " take", it's granted by a person of sound mind to someone else.

Are these joint accounts? If so, you should report theft to the police, for starts.

I would also call Adult Protective Services to report what you believe to be financial abuse of a vulnerable elder.
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