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Kathy, a reverse mortgage is designed for someone who has a great deal of equity in a home but not much income. It allows the asset/house to supplement the income. Since you haven't been in the house very long, are you still paying a sizable mortgage? If so, the reverse mortgage concept isn't for you.
Instead, you might consider alternatives. Check your town/county for subsidized housing for seniors (assuming you qualify). Would you consider taking in tenants to help pay expenses? (If so, be cautious about whom you agree to share with). Can you sell the current home and buy a small condo that would lower your expenses? Are you working? That would bring in some income.
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Not sure if I can keep the house with the VA survivor's benefits from the government.
Someone told me they needed to get a reverse mortgage in order to stay in her home. I have very little equity (5 years) in the house so I think that's a deal breaker.
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Kathy, curious as to why you would want to get a Reverse Mortgage? There are pros and cons to such loans.
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