He is an insulin diabetic and his A1C is keeping him from the surgery. This past 2 weeks he is weaker and now he can't walk or stand. I need advice please. I work part time and he is about to lose his job because of this.

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How old is your husband? Have you considered RFA as an option?
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Assuming he's Type II diabetic, it's up to HIM to eat properly and get his numbers low enough so that surgery would be safe for him! Clean out the house of ALL junk food so that he's unable to eat it even if a craving hits him, and hopefully, his A1C will go down in time. I had my hip replaced in 2016, so I know the pain of bone on bone can be pretty bad. I hope he can get his surgery soon, and that both of you make it through this safely.

Best of luck
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againx100 Nov 8, 2019
Right, get all the carby sugary foods OUT of the house.
How high is his A1C? Is he working to get it down so he can get the surgery? If it were me I would be super aggressive about strictly limiting carbs and sugar to get that A1C down as quickly as possible. I am talking below the level that any nutritionist will suggest.

Is he able to do PT? If he's not doing PT now, I would get him signed up with home PT services, assuming he is home bound because of his weakness and broken hip.

What kind of job does he have? How long has he been out of work?

Rough situation. I wish you good luck and sanity as you deal with it.
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