The check is made out to both of us. Mike is unable to sign the check and the bank is telling us we cannot do the mobile banking unless we both sign. I am also in a nursing home and due to Coronavirus I am not able to get to the bank. The bank will not cooperate at all. Advice?

This is the time for you now to get a POA assigned. Do you have family willing and able to assume financial POA for you? This is unlikely to be the first problem. Your husband is already unable to sign to designate a POA. There are financial fiduciaries willing to do this work for a fee. I would contact the administrator at your nursing home to ask if they can help you find a way to deliver this check with your signature and a deposit check. In these days banks often don't even require an endorsement for deposits to your own personal account. Speak to the administrator and see what ideas he or she can give you.
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