He uses a walker and they let him wander far without supervision. I worry. Should a dementia patient be allowed to wander alone in a lockdown facility?

Common makes job easier for night staff.
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Unless this is a huge lockdown unit, he can’t get far. Each door has an alarm that will go off if someone tries to open the door. The hallways are usually well lit and staff is close-by even during the night. Yes, it is common. It’s called Sundowning. Dementia patients can’t differente night from day. Staff may be letting him wander because to force him to go back to his room may upset him and cause problems for everyone. Plus, they aren’t allowed to restrain him to keep him in his bed or room. Now, having said that, if you notice he’s falling frequently, that’s a sign he’s not being watched. Then you need to say something.
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have you told the staff your concerns? what do they tell you?

sorry I don't have any 1st hand experience.
my mom is in assisted living at this point

I guess its common behavior, but I don't know if its common for NH to allow to wander alone at nite.
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Do they have a GPS tracker on his ankle? If not, they should. If it’s a lockdown facility, then I guess it’s not needed. He can’t go too far!
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