Diagnosed with Parkinsonism or hydrocephalus
2 Mayo clinic docs at good hospital stumped. Now he's in a dump. No call returned. Looks like people in an insane asylum!
He was air force top secret. Fell down steps and hit head bad. I took care of him for 8 months. Atrophy bad. Could not even get into real bed. Got futon.
I had to call 911 with no insurance and 3 months away from 65. We just dumped Aetna managed care to go with Medicare basic and AARP UHC supplemental. We have funds for home PT. He's getting zip at skilled nursing. One hour day if that. Need him home with help
Suggestions please!!! Calling ARNP who left card. Post acute man. Not at skilled nursing
Left message last week.
Will call tomorrow
Just pray he isn't moved to semi private room with a nut case.
I see SEMI PRIVATE with Medicare. Calling AARP tomorrow
God help us! Thank you.

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You can have him discharged if you feel you can care for him. Rehabs are not prisons. Is he retired military? If so why aren't you going to the VA for help?
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So sad. How did he end up going from home with you for 8 months after his fall to the hospital? Has his condition improved since he went to hospital?

I imagine he was a handful to have at home, which you already know from having done it.

Sorry that the NH is not doing so great. My MIL is in one right now after a fall as well and it's just so difficult. No PT on weekends, not much done from staff (dropped a bag of stuff off for her and no one helped her unpack it, etc.), limited visiting hours - I hate it. But she is liking it so maybe this is the end of her days in her own apartment.

If you want him out, try contacting the Director of Nursing and tell them that you want him discharged on (insert date/time) and that you will be picking him up at that time.

Good luck.
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