The foot Dr trims his toe nails.

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Have you tried a professional manicurist? Maybe he would respond best to a male technician.

Since he accepted the podiatrist, call this “the nail doctor.” See if this service can be provided before opening, after closing, or in a private back room away from other clients.
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Maybe do it while he's sleeping?
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Yes! I have same problem with my mother...& they get dirty under the nails if they get too long. So I get her to soak one hand at a time in soapy water bowl. Then I clean underneath because it loosens dirt..then I file or clip, depending on how she reacts. It seems she starts screaming before even I touch her. But you to be patient & say it’s a manicure. good luck! Also I take her to podiatrist who doesn’t let her impatient cry of , “Are you done yet?” stop him. I have caregiver come along to transfer. She don’t walk or stand
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