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hi, I used to do home health before I started looking after my mother with dementia. One young woman I looked after while her husband work with similar physical issue. her mother got paid to look after her on my days off and as the womans husband needed her. I know that the husband told me once that was alloted so much money a year for her care so he hire a home health agency and also his mother in law got paid through this allotment, he also got mileage reimbursement that pertained to disabled wife, for dr appts, going shopping or just going out to eat which I believe was like up to 200.00/ mth he had to have so much mileage a mth to keep the reimbursement going. I don't know if that was through soc. sec. disablitliy program. It was some type of Independant living program thats all I really remember. Also if you or you spouse was in the military there is a program called AID and ATTENDANCE thru the veterns that will pay so much for care. I applied for that for my mother it takes awhile to go thru the system. ALSO, I was told by a nursing home director that if you had a parent that was a vetern there is also help.
I am sorry for your situation, I am 32 and its scary to think that things like that can happen to someone so young. I hope I gave you a road to start on!!
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