I am very depressed. Help

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Jan, I am in your situation too. Way too much husband and way too little money. Take a deep breath. The next time the caregiver from Hospice comes, sit down and look at your insurance, both Medicare and your supplement if you have it. See if they pay for a therapist. Make an appointment and go. And, if you haven’t seen your doc in a while, you need to go there too. There are meds for arthritis. If they’re expensive, write the manufacturer. We just got a grant for them to pay for my husband’s $700 a month Eliquis.

The next time the Hospice comes, go to the beauty salon. Get a manicure/pedicure/wash and set. You deserve it.

I’ll tell you, it stinks that we can’t live the kind of retired life those perfect Senior Citizens on television do, isn’t it? Heck, the last time I tried to get my husband out of bed he had a panic attack and I thought I’d have to call 911.

Make your own good time, my lady. No one willl do it for you. Take time for yourself even if all you do is get an adult coloring book and color a picture. It’s very therapeutic!
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Your option would be Medicaid. Your assets would be split living you with enough money to live. Talk to the Hospice Nurse about this. You have ur own health problems that only get worse with the stress.
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I'm so very sorry. I took care of Dad for awhile when he was in advanced stages, and it is so hard. Jan, do you have any help besides the hospice people?
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