My husband has been in treatment for Multiple Myeloma for over 10 years with lots of ups as well as downs. He is currently 2 months into a new 8 month chemo regimen and has once a week appointments. Because he gets breaks once in a while I am encouraging him to take a couple week break and abide by the recommended quarantine. He is very slack on following protocol and it is raising my anxiety to the roof because I too am a cancer survivor not in current treatment but a few years ago had a lobectomy to remove a mass in my lung as well as chemo followed by radiation for an anal cancer met. I am the one who would need to drive him to his appointment and any contact he has with people also affects me. I feel like his " blase' " attitude is a threat to me! I know you can't tell me what to do...just venting I guess.

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I would discuss this with his doctor before making any decisions. The doctors office cancelled my mothers appointments. She is frail and is 97 years old. We do not need to add to more problems that we already have. Hang in there. Hope your husband does well through all of this. Venting is fine.
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I had a follow up with my oncologist last week and he asked me to get my blood work done at a satellite facility and we'd do a phone call.

So that's what I did. Not as satisfying as seeing the doc face to face, but, since my bloodwork looked good, they didn't press for me to come in. (No COVID 19 patients at this cluster of hospitals last week).

I'd ask the doc. It's weighing the best care for him against the better care for him. It probably won't be 'better' next week--so, if this were me, when I was doing chemo last year..I'd go ahead and take all precautions but not miss an infusion. Things are not likely to look 'better' for any time in the near future and infusions must be done regularly.
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I would be afraid too. Personally, I would abide by the quarantine and put the chemo on hold. His immune system is down from chemo and he/you can not risk getting the virus. This is, of course, my opinion, not medical advice.

Don't feel bad to vent here. That is one of the valuable benefits of this forum.
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I wouldn't take a break without first discussing it with his oncology team - my nearest cancer centres are working very hard to keep providing needed
care with covid in mind: all non essential clinics are suspended,
people are screened upon entry, patients are limited to having one
support person.
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