I would not be able to get him in to or out of bed. I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET HELP FOR HIM AND NOTHING. He is getting PT but no aide. They said the therapist would file for help. He had help before going into the hosp. and NH. Medicaid said he could have 20 hrs a week and now we're waiting for help again. His Dr. said he has dementia, he is not that bad.

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Where I live they called me the day Mom came here and wanted to come the next day. The nurse that showed up admitted Mom. At that time I asked for an aide. The therapist came the next day.

Not sure how to answer you. Call the homecare and tell them you need an aide. Not sure how he will get therapy if he can't get out of bed. I had a u shaped bar that fit under the mattress. Mom used it to pull herself up.
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When my hubby came home from rehab, it was about 4 days before the Visiting Nurse came out to evaluate him. And, you’re dealing with a weekend. My hubby is bedridden and I did the best I could moving him around and changing him. In our case, the social worker at Rehab set up all the therapy, aides, Visiting Nurse, etc. it was all set before he was discharged. I would call the rehab tomorrow and find out when you can expect help.
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