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The trouble with Alz/dementia is this: once they get an idea stuck in their head, you can't chop it out of there with an axe. You can tell DH 10,000x that there's nobody in your life but him, yet he'll continue to insist there's 'another man' until hell freezes over, or, until another nonsensical thought replaces that one. The problem is, his anger. If he gets 'very angry' and threatens you or raises a hand to you, then the time to place him is NOW. Call 911 if need be and have him transported to the ER for psychiatric evaluation. You can't 'excuse' violent behavior because he's 'sick' with Alz/'s STILL not okay if he gets aggressive with you due to his erroneous beliefs. Look into Memory Care ALFs now and have Plan B set up for when it's necessary. You say you want to keep him home 'as long as possible', well it may now be impossible to keep him home any longer. Dementia often reaches that point, as we see here on the forum all the time.

Please call his doctor right away to see if some calming meds can be prescribed for DH. They may not work, but they may help.

Wishing you the best of luck dealing with a difficult situation.
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This is from Jan's profile:

"I am caring for my husband Carl, who is 80 years old, living at home with alzheimer's / dementia and anxiety."

Jan if this is a sudden change in your husband's mental status, please call his doctor right away. Could be a UTI or something else, but it needs to be investigated.
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I think it would help if you could be a bit more specific as to his general state of health and how long he is exhibiting this behavior. This is not a unique situation if that helps you at all. I think you need to speak to a doctor that he hopefully has. There may be medication that would benefit both of you. It is unlikely that this is a single issue without other symptoms he has.
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