My name is not on any of their cards.

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Credit Card debt in Canada is not secured debt. The companies take the risk that when they extend credit they may not be able to collect. The counter that risk with the incredible interest they charge on unpaid balances.

If your husband has an estate (do you own a home in both your names?), then the cc companies can attempt to collect from the estate.
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My dad had credit card debt when he went into a nursing home. His health deteriorated quickly. Trying to do the right thing, I called his creditors to explain to them that my dad was dying in a nursing home and would not be capable of paying off his debt. I hung up each time, relieved that I didn't have to deal with that again.

Then his creditors began calling ME! They had my number from when I called them although I never gave them my number. I just called them out of what I thought was courtesy yet they continued to call me. Initially I was patient and explained over and over my dad's situation. The creditors did not try to attach the debt to me, they didn't even threaten to attach it to me. My name wasn't on any of these accounts so I was never liable for anything.

One by one as I received these calls I told them that I prohibited them from calling me any further. I sent each one a letter reiterating my dad's circumstances and my experience fielding calls from their companies. Slowly but surely the calls stopped. But not before each one inquired about an estate. My dad was on Medicaid and had nothing which I explained to these people.

Ugh! I would advise anyone NOT to contact their loved one's creditors. I was never held liable for my dad's debts but the creditors sure did make life unpleasant for a while.
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There r people who help people with credit problems. Call your Office of Aging to see if they have this service or know of one. Some are free. I am assuming both husband and son are on Medicaid. If private pay they may owe the money. I would think there would be some way to notify the credit card companies that payments Can't be made. Cards need to be put on hold. I just read that a spouse can be held responsible for a card own by another spouse if there are assets they share. So try to see if you can find someone to help you. Maybe ur bank can help.
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You do nothing unless you have POA for both of them. If you do anything in capacity other than POA the companies could try to hold you responsible.
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