My husband lost his credit, and car. He gave her all his money. Now is begging for money. She controls his bank account. Police said it's his will and can't do nothing. And lawyers the same. Is there somebody to solve this problem?

Yes, you have asked this question before.

Looks like you have tried everything. So now divorce him. Depends on your state, but at your age you should be entitled to spousal support. You may be able to petition for half his pension. By giving this woman his money he has left you in the lurch.

If you are on the credit cards, call and see if you can have your name removed. You could be held responsible for her debt.
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The answers are the same as what you got on your other post.

He can do what he wants with his pensions. He can have them deposited into his own account. Have you asked him to do that?
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