My parents started the paperwork to switch the land over into my name, but never completed it 3 years ago. My mother died 2 years ago and my father is now unable to take care of himself. Both parents signed a paer to my mortage company stating the land was going to be transferred and I have the paperwork. I had the land surveyed and a separate addressed approved by the county for the acre of land I live on. Its a separate address. Do I have any way of saving the land from being taken by the Medicaid to pay his bills?

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The law differs depending on state. You can call the local medicaid office and ask them specific questions they know all the current medicaid law. Have you been caring for your Dad inorder to prevent institutionalizing him and if so do you have proof of this and how long? Paper trails are proof, in some states if you are living with and providing care to avoid a NH as a caregiver child of parents in need of care and you have clear evidence of these actions you may be entiled to the property and the documents you hold may be proof of thier intensions. You may have complicated the issue by having seperate address. Medicaid has a look back period for any deed transfers and there is a pay back amount to be considered. Again this is all different according to State.
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