My Granny has had Lewy Body Dementia for about 4 years now. She has been in bed since last Sunday and she is only eating for me. Any advice?


She started asperating about a week ago and it turned into pneumonia and she has thrush. Today I noticed her hands and wrist are swollen, can anyone tell me why?
Also what are more signs I should watch for. This is SO hard for me. I just want her to be okay😞😢 please help and give some advice on what to do to help her.

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If you are her POA and she is chronically aspirating then things are going to become a revolving door back and forth to the hospital. Do you want her to keep suffering like this? Do you think that she will permanently remain in nursing care? It is time to request palliative care which means treat what can be treated, but keep her comfortable. It may help you understand her future
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She is in a rehabilitation center and I am up there at least two of her meals everyday,which they have her on antibiotics but she doesn’t even know when people are there.She is sitting up in bed most of the time,her eyes are always closed.she is not talking now and she stays in bed.I just feel so helpless even though I am helping. She is on an IV antibiotic.
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Of course you want her to be OK! What has her treatment been so far? Has she been in the hospital? What will she eat for you? Is she sitting up straight when she eats? What is she drinking? Has she had a swallow test? Has a certain thickness of liquids been recommended?

My husband had pneumonia twice in his ten years with LBD, and recovered each time, back to his pre-pneumonia baseline. But it took a long time for each case!

How old is Granny? In addition to the LBD, how is her health in general?

There are many possible causes for swelling of the hand and wrist in the elderly. Has this been seen by a doctor?
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heather, I would recommend you call your Grandmother's primary doctor and tell him/her what you told us.

Is your Grandmother constantly coughing whenever she eats or drinks liquids?

If yes, then I would suggest you call 911 and have her taken to the hospital if she hasn't already been there when this first started. My Dad had aspiration pneumonia and he needed to be in the hospital for a couple of days to run various tests. It all depends on what is found on said tests as to what to watch out for.
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