My grandmother is in the hospital in hospice. Her blood oxygen is 66% and her heart rate is 170 how long can she survive like this?

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Oh Hollie!. I'm so sorry you are watching your grandma in distress.

Have you talked to the hospices nurses about her condition? Does she appear to be in pain, or agitated? What meds is she being given?

Hollie, I am sorry about your GM. It doesn't sound good. GM could rally and get better, or not. There are so many times I would have enjoyed having a crystal ball so I could base decisions on what would eventually happen. Unfortunately there aren't any here.
I am so sorry for you and grandma.

Yes, she could rally and be OK, but you need the O-sat to be in the 90's, and the heart rate MUCH lower. Is she getting meds and pain care? I hope she is being well cared for...

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