My grandmother has had her home for many, many years. When she became the appropriate age, she did a reversed mortgage on her home. Over the past 2 years, my grandmother had been doctor mandated to a nursing home with 24hr care. The bank paid her out for what she was owed on the house. The house has been sitting there for 2 years. My father (her son) has been paying the homes taxes/ insurance + gas and electric (so the pipes don’t burst in the winter) on the house for the past two years. I am currently pregnant and my grandmother gave me permission to move into her house and pay the taxes/gas & electric, saying the house isn’t going anywhere until she dies. I’m confused and she doesn’t seem so sure about this. I don’t want to move into her house and then be forced out by the bank but don’t know how that works in the first place? Anyone have any idea?

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I would not move in the house. Well intending GM may not realize she no longer owns the home. However, if she does, I would sell it asap...the interest and fees are mounting up everyday. The RM should have been notified after the first 60 days of GM not living there. The longer the house sits the more money GM is losing when it sells and the RM company/bank makes more money because of fees and interest. Your dad needs to talk to the bank and find out who owns the house. I personally don't like RM because they are the ones who comes out a head.

Sorry to say after the sell of a house there is usually nothing left for the owner or the family because the RM company ends up with the whole amount.

Plus, as someone stated there is Medicaid as well to be consider. Which if GM gettes any money from the sell of her house it will have to go for her care.

Good luck!
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I am not familiar with reversed mortgages but they have been discussed before. I was under the impression that when person is no longer in the house the RM needs to be paid back. If that means selling the house then so be it. You said bank paid Mom out. To me this means that the bank took over the house. They now own it? I think your Dad needs to go in person to the bank and make sure GMa still owns the house.

Next, if Gma is on Medicaid, you living in the house could cause a problem.
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This is very different from what I am accustomed to with a RM. Normally you must notify the mortgage company after moving out for a specified number of months. This time frame would be in the contract. At that time the home is sold and any remaining equity after the mortgage and fees are paid off is given to the owner, your GM in this case.

The best thing is to read the RM contract.
What’s most confusing is that your dad is still paying the taxes and insurance. It is the homeowners responsibility to pay those fees as long as they live in the house.
Perhaps you should ask your dad why he is paying these bills.
Perhaps he is thinking GM will have greater equity in the house the longer she keeps it. That might be true but the RM company fees are mounting, probably at a greater rate than any equity is being earned.

But I am only familiar with one type of RM so someone else may have a different take on it.

Someone should be getting mail from the RM company. Perhaps your dad has it if not GM?

Are there other family members who may be taking care of her mail?
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