My grandma is in basically amazing health until this blood clot happened and they're saying she’s not going to make it? Is there any time for her to pull through at all?

Hope for the best. I'm sure the doctors will do what they can for her.
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We do not know that. Neither do the doctors. It is up to God.

I will pray for your grandmother. God bless you all.
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I think that you almost certainly know that at this advanced age anything is a grave danger that threatened your Grandma. But doctors, of course, have been known to be wrong. He has made his best decision given all facets of the case, and we don't know your Grandma at all, so anything we say would just be hazarding a guess. Try to take it one day at a time. Wishing you the best.
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At 100 years old, a DVT has a good chance of traveling to the lungs and turning into pulmonary emboli which have a very high mortality rate. We as a community cannot tell you if your grandmother will pull through this, only God can predict such a thing...........but at her age, you have to accept the fact that she's lived a very, very long life already and for that you should be happy and grateful. Of course, we never want to lose a loved one for any reason, but at such an advanced age, even with good health, things tend to change on a dime. They can go from being fine one day to being deathly ill the next; we see it all the time.

Sending you a big hug and prayer for peace.
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