My Grandfather lives independently on the North Pole and general does very well with the help of Grandma and about 100 diminutive aides. But every year on December 24th, he has what I can only call a "sundowning" episode. First, he has his aides load millions of toys on his homemade sleigh. Then he rounds up about 8 reindeer (9, if he can find the one with the weird red nose). He hitches them up to the sleigh and whistles and shouts and calls them by name, and off they go. We have no idea where he goes or why, but by morning he is back and the toys are all gone. I've tried to tell him that he's too old for this kind of thing and he shouldn't be driving, but he won't listen. It's making me crazy and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

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Moderating this Christmas Eve, and this might be the best thing I've read all year. Thank Grandma and the rest of Grandpa's care team for supporting him, and remind them he might need a little bit of extra sleep for the next few days. I'll keep a watch out for him here in Naples. If he needs some cookies and milk, he can pop in here at any time, we'll leave out a plate.
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I assume he’s back by now, probably sleeping off his sundowning adventure. I’m in grandpas corner on this one, hoping he can rest up, keep his help happy, and be around for a long while to come. Merry Christmas!
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NewandTrying, oh dear, so Grandpa wanders on Christmas Eve. I believe the reindeer know the route and have built in GPS so they can get Grandpa safely home. I would just let the jolly old fellow enjoy his night :)
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He says, "look, I still have my sleigh driving license so that means I can still drive"!
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I want to thank you for this. In a forum and thread so often full of such sadness, your post was such a bright and funny thought. Thank You for it. You have have lifted so many spirits. Thank you.
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I was just checking NORAD and they've spotted grandpa leaving the Falkland Islands and heading for Argentina... wish I had half his stamina 😆
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Sendhelp Dec 24, 2018
Where is Grandpa now, CWillie?
May be you could put a tracker on him? Also a 'door guard' so you know when he leaves.
Ooo How about a very very long lead from his wrist to Grand Ma's?
The aides could helps keep it straight.

But failing that you may need to get him a replacement/helper?
A Trainee for when needed.
By the way, I must be going a little bit more crazy. I swear I heard some sort of bells outside (when I was sundowning) lol
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My only advice is to keep him away from the eggnog and rum. But please feel free to enjoy one...and I’ll join you! 🥂
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Grandpa left with some new reindeer: "Tipsy, Buzzed, and tied to Blitzen".
He should not be driving this nite!
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He came home looking like he'd gotten stuck in a chimney, but couldn't remember, from what grandma said. She couldn't help but wonder if he'd eaten some of those cookies in Colorado...
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