That him and grandma setup we have been fighting in court with her for 2 years try she has took everything he worked for 85 years. He was a retired colonel, had a doctors degree and did physiologic testing for state of TN till he was 85 and had to stop driving and close all his business's down. Now that he has passed there is no life estate left to bury him beside grandma and new wife has taken all money over the 2 years and had all social security deposited in her account every month when we had a life estate acct set up she switched after a month now we have to creamte him couse we don't have money to bury him and I can't accept this when he had it all under control till he retired and court did not move fast enough when there was more than enough evidence of financial abuse moving his money to her joint account with her oldest son over couple hundred thousand dollars plus the CD see cash after he was incompetent need help soon before they cremate him please

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What goes around comes around. She will loose in the end.
Let her put out the money for the funeral. Step back and see
what happens.
Since she is the legal heir they will go after her for the bills.

Let it go and enjoy the rest of your life.
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Condolences on the loss of your beloved grandfather. He sounds like quite an accomplished gentleman. May your good memories of him help you through your grief.

I believe that his wife has responsibility for his final disposition. Even if you had the money for an elaborate burial, she would still get to decide on a cremation and simple ceremony (I think).

If she is a professional con-artist, cooperate fully with prosecutors and hope to bring her to justice. I don't know how that can happen before his body must be taken care of in some way. Sorry.
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That's the problem we have had trouble with dad had poa over health and durable poa over finances and is exuter of will that's what grandad wanted that's why he had it made up she was trying to take land also and pit him In nursing home she isolated him at home called police every time family come by we had to start calling police just to do warfare check to see him without conversation she paid her friend 10 hour to watch him from 8 to 6 while she stayed at other house down the road she took from brother after her mother left both of her houses to him also called her ex-husband from last marriage she talked him in to selling one of his investment apartment complexes and took over half his money before he figured it out which lead to there devorse then she went back to his house and took all his guns he said most were left from his father she is a professional conartist and needs be in jail
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If your grandfather was LEGALLY married, his wife would inherit everything, unless he had others mentioned in his will. This is what your grandfather wanted or he wouldn't have married her. If he had dementia when they got married, you may be able to sue her for taking advantage of a mentally challenged adult for her own profit.

I'm sorry. His final farewell (funeral, etc.) will be up to her, unless the rest of the family wants to pay for something different. 
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