My grandfather is 97 years old he has been tested and all his food has to be bland with thickener added.


It’s getting to the point that we

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How is your grandfather reacting to this diet? How important is food to him?
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Kathy, do you mean pureed as opposed to bland? Sounds like he has dysphagia, a swallowing problem. But typically liquids are thickened with something like Thik-it, a powder that's added .

And solid foods are pureed, but they don't need to be bland. In my experience, most solid foods don't need thickener; rather, they need something to thin them to the point that they can effectively be pureed.

In fact, that's a discouraging factor to eating foods that aren't very appealing b/c they've been pureed. Bland food makes it even more unappetizing.

When you get a chance, perhaps you could finish the last sentence in your thread so we know what the problems are in providing this kind of care.
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