He also takes a lot of time to eat, which I understand, but when the food cools down he doesn't seem to like it!

I'd suggest smaller helpings, more frequently. The thing is, you can keep food warm but you can't keep it at its best for long, and that won't help his appetite.
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Here is a site
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Does he prefer his food warm, or is he comfortable to continue eating it at his own pace as it gets cooler?
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Kajraj14 Feb 18, 2021
He prefers to eat at his own pace.
But after he doesn't seem to like the food once it goes cold.
I do sometimes put in the microwave, but I feel reheating, again and again, can make the food go bad.
Can you not just heat the food back up in the microwave when it cools down? Or perhaps he just needs assistance being fed, which might help him eat a bit faster as well.
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There are bowls/plates that are 2 piece and the bottom piece will hold hot water that will keep the food on the plate warm.
You could try putting smaller portions on his plate so that when he finishes that you can serve him more.
You could place a heating pad on the table, then a placemat over that (prevent him from getting burned if he leaves his arm in contact with it for an extended time)The heating pad would keep the food warm.
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