Before she became sick I paid her bills for her and did many financial things for her. She always paid me. Now that she is in hospital I am still doing that plus organizing her home for her to be safe when she comes home this involved looking for and buying a new bed. Arranging for a dumpster, help for the cleaning out etc. Can I continue to be paid for what I have done? or what is right in this case?

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Likefamily, that is great that you are helping your friend and being her financial Power of Attorney. May I ask if it is written in the Power of Attorney that you will receive payment for work, or is there a contract written with same? I would assume everything would follow along whether your friend is at home or in the hospital.

The logistics of getting and paying for a dumpster would fall under the "financial POA".

As for the bed, can you talk with your friend's "medical POA" to see if that person is arranging for what I assume is a hospital bed, thus a medical decision. You as the "financial POA" would be paying the bill from your friend's checking account. You might want to check with Medicaid about the bed:

What does your friend have to say regarding this matter?
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