I am taking care of my girlfriend who has parkinson disease, can I receive relief from Social Security for this?

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If your girlfriend qualifies by her income for Social Security then they can give the caregiver some payment. They told me I could get some for taking care of my brother but it turned out he had too much money in the bank. If she is already getting disability payments then check with them to see or just call the Social Security Office.
Senorita, are you thinking of Medicaid? SS doesn't have income level qualifications; it's paid out by formulae based on an individual's contributions while working.
It would be SS Disability that she might be getting because of the Parkinsons if she can no longer work, or it would be SS if she is over 65 and on medicare. And, not talking of SS monthly payment but a payment for the caregiver. Probably it would come from Medicare if collecting or medicaid if collecting that. But it's a separate payment to the caregiver.
Senorita, thanks for the clarification. I didn't even think about SS Disability.

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