My friend's mother was removed from her home when she went to jail. No one will tell my friend where her mom is. Any advice?


Her sister's were give 2 hours to find a facility and when unable in said time frame APS came and removed her and what we are told has opened a case against the sister. No one but one sister knows the phone number where she is and no one will tell my friend where her mom is. She's been the only family member taking care of mom for the last 15 years how and who do you take action with to get her to see her more?



I'm sorry to ask intrusive questions, but quite a lot depends on why your friend was taken to jail.

If the reasons for that have absolutely nothing to do with her relationship with her mother, then I'd counsel her to be patient and wait for the mother to be resettled before making further attempts at contact.

But if the reasons for the detention do have a bearing on her mother's wellbeing, it may be that she will be prevented from seeing her mother until a good many safeguards have been sorted out.

Are you able to say any more about what has happened?
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It sounds like this is the end of a long story rather than the entire story. When she gets out of jail, she should call APS
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Wait until Monday when it will be easier to get answers and people in their offices. They are protecting her until they can better understand the situation.
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Has your friend contacted APS about this situation? Who went to jail? Is the reason for jail related to the care of the mother?
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