NY because of her Medicaid coverage. Her apartment was closed by her brothers, so she has no current "permanent address". The PO is forwarding her mail to me. Should I have it sent to my address or my PO box?

Should her mail go to my address or to my PO Box.

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She needs to have a New York address to make sure there is no confusion about Medicaid or you being attached to any bills on her credit.
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hurdenlooker, it doesn't matter if the mail is forwarded to your home or your Post Office Box. Just curious, why aren't your friend's brothers handling her mail? Who is your friend's Power of Attorney? If you are getting your friends mail, thus you will get her bills, how will those bills be paid?
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For information, she is 69 years old, a type I diabetic, legally blind and stage 4 kidney disease. Recently, she has been prone to drastic blood sugar issues and falls. Additionally, she has been diagnosed with dementia. As much as she wishes, she can no longer live at home alone or with 24 hr care. All this adds up to residential care.

One brother lives in Vancouver, BC Canada and the other in Japan. They funded an account from which she drew monthly expenses. Other than that sum, her sole source of income was a small amount from Social Security. Now that her apartment gone, they no longer fund the full amount. They will continue with a smaller amount for minor expenses (clothing/personal items/etc). Other than Medicare Supplement/RX coverage, she has no on going bills.

I know she has to remain in New York for long term care, but a permanent facility has yet to be determined. When that happens, the address will be changed and Social Security will be adjusted.

For now, I am changing the address on non critical accounts. But, Social Security and banking are the issue at hand.

In order to open a PO Box in her name, she needs to go to the PO. That is a no go. I do not want to take her out of the rehab and deal with the aftermath.

The Vancouver brother has PO and I am listed as the alternate.

Thank you for any input.
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You can set up temporary mail forwarding online with the post office. That way you can change the address for a few weeks or a month or so, and then when she is permanently placed her mail can go there.
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