At the NH they asked us if we wanted to activate it. We thought it was active, but we said yes. He has to see a psychiatrist and then they told us he wants full resuscitate, but when we did the POA it was not discussed. He really didn’t understand what that means. How do we change it after we talk to him? Thank you

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All of my family's POAs had advance directives executed outside of a POA. In my job, I see POAs with the advance directives contained in the documents frequently. Does your POA contain provisions about his care if he's not able to articulate his choices?

I'd normally suggest obtaining an advance directive rather than executing a new POA, but I'm hesitant to say that since you mentioned he doesn't understand.

When you say he doesn't understand, do you mean the different resuscitation provisions? Or is there now a question as to his ability/capacity to execute a legal document at this time?

If he has the capacity to execute legal documents, it may be worth your time to have a frank conversation and draft an advance directive that reflects his wishes.

Please feel free to come back and give more information. It may help us to better answer your questions.

Best wishes.
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