I don't know what to do

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Report the theft to the police.
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Did the attendant work for an agency or was it a private hire by you or someone in the family? I'm asking because an agency may ultimately be responsible if there was or wasn't a background check done on this person.

Have you been able to close the accounts and freeze any credit cards, etc? Was there also identity theft?
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What kind of fraud did they commit? Did they steal checks and cashed them?
steal credit cards? You need to gather evidence. Bank statements, credit card statements that shows fraud. You will need this when you file a police report for theft and or identity theft. I'm sorry this happened to him.
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If you can prove this, take the information to the police.
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NiceLady, this is written as delicately and compassionately as possible, and certainly w/o intent to be critical.   In dealing with American police and officials, it will help greatly if you have someone who understands both your native language and English and can explain in a way that police can understand.

You also should start gathering as much data as possible, to document the fraud.   How did the person commit fraud?  By writing checks?  By removing funds?  

Police will need to know all this so they can take action.

In the meantime, are the accounts still open?  If so, advise the bank or credit union so that a hold can be put on the accounts.

How else was fraud committed?  If you can be more specific, more detailed answers can be provided.
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Who hired this man or woman and did they come from an agency.
You start with the police and file as careful and complete report as you are able.
Next step, if your father is incompetent or suffering dementia is to get conservatorship over his account.
You report any and all credit cards that are missing to the credit card agency.
Even if none are missing, if this man or woman has identity info (whichsurely they do having been in the home) you report to one of the credit agencies. Experian will do; they will report to others, that there should be a fraud alert placed on all accounts.
Please tell us more about who and how this happened and we may guide you further, but the police may have booklet for you on identity theft reporting. AARP website may help you with information as well.
Go to Dad's bank and report this at once.
I am so sorry you are dealing with this. It's awful.
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Simple answer:
In America everything is controlled by someone's
-cell phone

(tell the bank now, not tomorrow. Most theft and fraud is covered by insurance)

Everything else, worry about the next day.

(As Britney Spears and Lt. Ohura of Star Trek herald in the new future, the world evolves beyond Guardianships and Conservatorships)
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