My father only trusts me to be his live in caregiver, how do I get the needed certification to make everything legal for insurances purposes?

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My dad has dementia and only trusts me to be his live-in caregiver. I figured I may as well make a carreer out of it. What certifications do I need to make it legit with his insurance company and moving forward in this career later in life?

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adsmitty, you can check with local caregiving agencies to see what are their requirements. This can vary from agency to agency, from State to State. Also check with local community colleges to see if they have certification courses on caregiving.

As for the insurance purposes I am not familiar with that, hopefully someone can come along and answer that for you.
If your parent has long term care insurance, check with their representatives and see if (1) family can provide care and (2) their licensing requirements.
If you are asking about Medicare "insurance" paying you, forget it. Medicare doesn't pay for family caregivers. They pay for certain therapies in limited time periods, usually after a hospital stay. Not home care like housekeeping, etc.
If you are asking about medicaid, check to see if your state has Medicaid waivers that will pay for home care. Some states will pay family members; many will not. It will not be 24/7 pay. It's usually below $12-15 per hour and without benefits.

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