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my 70 year old widowed father was dating an amazing woman his age for 8 years until he met a woman half his age and dated in secret for months. Now he is married to her and is changing his Trust. She spends so much of his money on herself. She even makes him build a house for him and her. The way she treats him is horrendous and the language she uses it is trashy. He is so blind and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. Anybody has gone through something similar? I am very worried she is in just for the money and will take advantage of his age.

At 70 he is probably mentally competent. So, there's nothing you can do until she drains him and then abandons him at a hospital leaving your family to clean up the mess. If this is in fact how it ends, please please do not spend any money to cover his care. Help him apply for Medicaid and work on having peace in your heart that this is what he chose. I hope we are all wrong about it but I don't think we are. Happened in my family too. I'm so sorry.
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I am so sorry that you are struggling with this. It’s unnerving to say the least. Unfortunately, this is nothing new.

For your information, a woman can be younger, the same age or older and still take advantage of a man.
Here’s the thing though. If a man wants that woman, they are on a mission and no one can stop them.

Yes, happened in our family too. How’s this one? We buried my sweet mother in law at age 68. She died from non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. My father in law was 70 at her time of death. Two weeks later a new woman crawls out of the woodwork and moves into his home.

She spent lots of money too. He bought a big house for her too. It got very ugly but he stayed with her.

They didn’t marry though. She did not want him to get her money from her previous marriage if she died first. She wanted it to go to her children. She could have done a prenup. He was good enough to live with but she didn’t marry him. She is dead now.

Thank God, he saved money for an assisted living facility. I will spare you the most horrendous details. By the way, she was the same age as he was. So. I don’t feel like age is a major factor.
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If he is legally competent, nothing you can do.   No fool like an old fool.
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