Our family has no money. I don't understand why he doesn't qualify for Medicaid as well or if anyone can help me in getting him Medicaid. I believe his SSDI benefits are $1200 and change. He has zero assets. No car. I'm on SSDI myself. He needs a caregiver and doesn't have the money for it but if he had Medicaid it would help him with alot of things. I dont know what to do. Can anyone give me advice? I need to add that he's always been told he makes too much but it doesn't seem right for only getting $1271 and then paying rent and a few bills.

If he has access to a computer, he can go on his State's website and do a search for a contact phone number for their Medicaid office. Medicaid is a state run program and programs vary from state to state.

OK . Re-read your ? and apparently he has applied and does not qualify. What were the reasons he did not qualify for Medicaid?
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