taken away? Someone showed up at the Home yesterday, and told my Mom that his benefits will be taken away because they thought he was dead. He also said he was going to assign a tutor. I want to know if this is really true and if I can fight this. My Mom is not well and this is really affecting her. Who do I contact? Do I need a lawyer? Ada

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NO!!! If your father was established as a qualified Vet then it can't be revoked unless he lied or used someone else's social sec #. Do NOT BELIEVE anyone who comes to your door with such information! NO ONE FROM THE VA would come to your home with this information unless they were a VA counselor. Immediately call your local VA office - look in the phone book for Veterans affairs, there should be a counselor that serves your region. If you can't find them call the nearest hospital and ask to speak with their social services dept, they should be able to put you in touch with a VA counselor.

You will need copies of your fathers discharge papers, also called a DD214 or DD-2-fourteen. These services are FREE - don't let anyone tell you that there are charges or fees for this service - they are just trying to scam you!!!

Good luck.
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