He no longer has his hearing and very rarely hears doorbells or telephone, is very rude to family, insulting remarks and vindictive. The TV volume stays on 100. Should family just leave him? We're ready to hand in the towel.

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There are so many accessories for the door bell and telephone from flashing lights connected to lamps to wrist watches, to bed shakers. Search for products for hearing impaired. Companies like HARC Mercantile and Harris Communications are two that I use for information and some things.
There are also devices to help with the TV as well and special telephones.
go have a look see and good luck.
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You don’t say how far away Dad lives from you. I know I wouldn’t plan on having him come into your or your siblings ‘ homes to live. If there’s snow on the roof but still a fire in the furnace (female company), I don’t think you’d want to play host to that in your house anyway. What about moving him to an assisted living? If he is that social, he may enjoy it. If he lives alone, he can blast the TV all he wants unless the neighbors are complaining. What about headphones? They’re a lot more comfortable now. Not hearing the door bothers me though. I know there are flashing lights that you can install above the door. They also make them for phones. Does he have a TTY phone for hearing impaired people? Does he wear a life alert? If you make some simple modifications to his living arrangements maybe he can stay in his home a little longer.
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