He talks to himself and says that he is going to kill everybody here at the house. He won't sleep at night is getting scary. What can I do? He needs medication. Can somebody take him to mental health?

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My dad did the same thing and would not see a Dr. either.  He used to tell my mother he would burn down the house at night and kill all of us.  He'd be up all night too.  My mother never slept.  Eventually, my dad had to go to the ER and after he had to stay overnight for a few nights for a physciatric observation, they were the ones who got him on meds.  Then when we told him he had to go back to see the Dr because of his hospital stay... he actually went.  Maybe the meds helped with this... although they never really calmed him down.

Your father does need to get to a Dr or the ER for a physc evalutation/observation somehow.  Good luck to you.  You are not alone in this.
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Thank you, I will check on that. I appreciated.
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Does your father have a regular doctor? Have you tried calling the doctor's office for advice?

If he doesn't or you can't do that, go to your state's or county's website and search for "mental health services." Be a bit careful to check you're on the right website - it should have something like .gov in the web address.

If you're having trouble, please come back and say roughly where your family is living.
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