Not sleeping or eating, wandering around the house all day and night. Should I call his doctor or is this normal?

UTI's are notorious for causing anxiety and what seems like dementia behaviors. This is always a good jumping off point when an elder suddenly has a shift in behaviors.

Just b/c we're in 'quarantine' doesn't mean we can't be outdoors! In fact, we should all be getting outside (safely distancing) everyday.

Doubtful your dad even understands the 'stay at home' orders at all. Perhaps he is picking up anxiety from you or someone else. I know it feels like all we talk about is this crazy virus. People with dementia can 'pick up' on social attitudes, even though you can't carry on a conversation that makes sense.

If his anxiety is high, talk to his dr about something mild to take the edge off the over abundance of 'energy'. The last thing we need is an aggressive senior taking his excessive energy out in negative ways.
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Agree with Ahmijoy, that dementia behaviours can be caused by UTI. It could also be that he has too much energy and needs healthy ways to expend this energy. Perhaps physical exercise like walking outside (if able) can help, and any kind of stimulation that can "tire him out" will help him sleep.
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Any sudden change in behavior means you need to call his doctor. It could be a urinary tract infection or something else health-wise. Was he normally very social and active? If so, he’s probably bored and feeling trapped. Can you think of things he might enjoy doing? But first, please do call the doctor.
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