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No. They would not have to sell their home is my understanding from reading previous posts on this forum.
If your father doesn’t have funds to pay for a NH and has to file for Medicaid, his home and one car would be exempt. See a certified elder attorney well versed in Medicaid law for your state. State laws vary. Since your father is married, his wife would be protected as the community spouse and not left indigent. Their assets would be adjusted per your state laws. His portion would need to be spent down to the allowable amount, usually $2000
The property taxes, insurance etc would be paid by his wife.
She would not be able to sell the home without affecting his Medicaid status. The attorney would explain how this works under the various eventualities such as his wife entering the NH on Medicaid, wanting to sell, disposition upon his death, asset recovery by Medicaid etc.
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You won't know the answer to this until it gets closer to that time and what his financial condition is and needs are, at that time. Otherwise he will need to consult an estate attorney if he wants to protect the house.
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