My elder sister needs to be relocated to Winter Park, FL from Tennessee. Will Medicaid pay for her care in assisted living in Florida?

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Check out long term scorecard dot org.
Check Tennessee and Florida. They are both in the bottom quartile on this study, Florida one number above Tennessee.
This is for overall score.
I mention this to you only for you to see how your states are trending. Not a big difference. 46 and 47.
Using the filter on this study you can look for other relative info that makes Florida look more appealing than Tennessee. Of course studies are all relative.
So, to be sure, I would do as the others have suggested and check with the Florida authorities.
I found this .org through AARP. It’s interesting to see how states rank.
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Thank you. She owns no property. She has had special needs from birth. (mental) She does receive a small SSI monthly. She is on Medicaid in Tennessee.
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Please also note that if she is on Medicaid in Tennessee, your sister will have to REAPPLY in Florida for Medicaid. If she still owns property in Tennessee that has been an exempt asset for Medicaid in Tennessee, the home in Tennessee will not be an exempt asset in Florida and could disqualify her for Medicaid. Since each state administers its Medicaid program in a different way, it's a good idea to consult an attorney in Florida that is familiar with Medicaid rules in that state.
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Thank you for your response and the good information
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We are a group of caretakers helping each other find ways to make things easier for us and LO. We r from all over the USA, Canada, UK, etc. You really need to contact the Medicaid office in your County to find out if FL does pay for an AL. Each state has different rules. Usually Medicaid does not pay for an AL. Some ALs will except Medicaid after at least two years of private pay. You need to check out her Medicare supplimentals. Can u use it in FL? You may have to find her one that can be used in FL. Your County Office of Aging may be able to help you with your former question about alternatives when Medicaid won't pay.
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